Nail Disorders

Nail disorders can be among the most frustrating problems in dermatology. Fortunately, most are treatable with topical or oral medications, including the common fungal diseases which cause thickening and discoloration. Painful ingrown toenails, which are also among the more common nail disorders seen by our staff, are immediately and permanently treated in our office. In addition, nails can be a marker for internal medical disorders such as arthritis, kidney disease, anemia, diabetes, and many other diseases. Specialist dermatologists are particularly trained to recognize these disorders.

Board certified dermatologist Dr. Robert Benson and his dedicated staff will not only treat your nail ailments, but also determine if such disorders are indicants of other, more serious medical conditions. With Dr. Benson and his staff's many decades of knowledge and expertise of dermatological ailments, Benson Dermatology is the place for the prevention, detection, and treatment of nail disorders.  Contact us today to schedule your appointment at our Ponchatoula or Covington office.  Benson Dermatology, serving Baton Rouge, New Orleans, and Louisiana’s Northshore, is dedicated to treating all your dermatological concerns.

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